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Bamboo diaper set -LESNY-

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Two premium bamboo musle diapers, 50×50 cm forest pattern

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Diapers made of 100% premium bamboo musline with dense weave, provide the little one with freshness, and you both comfort in any situation. They are ideal for feeding, ageing, bouncing or wiping. They protect from the sun and do not irritate the skin of the toddler.

Diapers have also been equipped with a new Silver Plus Protection formula that uses silver ions. Thanks to the form of nanoparticles, silver is not visible to the eye and is imperceptible to the touch. However, it has many desired properties. Strengthens the antibacterial and antifungal properties of bamboo. Diaper self-sterilizes, neutralizes unpleasant odors. Thanks to silver ions, it also has a beneficial effect on the baby’s skin, regular contact with materials containing them improves skin health and relieves inflammatory changes.

Bamboo diapers are extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. They are designed for the delicate skin of the newborn, as well as the older child.

Bamboo muslichi diaper from Samiboo:

  • antibacterial, antifungal and anti-odor properties,
  • absorb water up to 60% better than a regular cotton diaper,
  • do not sensitize, are safe for the delicate skin of the newborn and the older child, even if they have problems with hypersensitive skin,
  • have thermoregulatory properties – on summer days they give a feeling of freshness and gentle coolness, and in the cool they envelop with warmth,
  • absorb UV rays.


  • bamboo muslin 100% with silver ions


  • diaper 50 cm x 50 cm


  • machine washable in 30 degrees
  • do not hand-wash
  • spinning 800 revolutions


  • Oeko-tex standard 100

The package contains:

  • two premium bamboo muslichi nappies, forest pattern measuring 50×50 cm