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Bamboo pillow -TECZA- 25cm x 35cm

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The latest RAINBOW collection. The pattern is joyful, unique, authorial.

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Bamboo pillow was sewn from 100% bamboo fabric. It is sufficiently soft and flat, so it can be used already by newborns. The whole was beautifully finished with a cotton tab, which adds to its elegance.

The Bamboo Samiboo pillow has been filled with a delicate, soft anti-allergic silicone non-woven fabric of the new generation.

Bamboo pillow is an ideal solution, because the fabric is natural, it absorbs moisture better than traditional cotton, in winter it heats slightly, in summer it cools slightly.

Thanks to its size, it will be the ideal solution, as the first flat lift for a gondola, car seat or cradle or cot.


  • 100% bamboo fabric;
  • in the middle of the new generation of polyester filling


  • 25 cm x 35 cm


  • machine washable in 40 degrees
  • spinning 800 revolutions

100% natural fabric. It can be piling up in the first washes.

Note: Do not use powders/washing liquids for white fabrics, which whiten fabrics.

We recommend washing in a bag on your underwear to avoid damage and enlistment when washing from other clothing.


  • Oeko Tex Standard 100 class I

The package contains:

  • flat bamboo pillow Classic pattern rainbow mustard tab