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Bamboo blanket with silver ions (gray)- Pulp

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Woven bamboo blanket for children and infants

Dimensions: 75cm x 90cm

Composition: 100% bamboo wiskoza with silver ions

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Elegant children’s woven blanket with weave “rice” is made of the best quality bamboo yarn with the addition of silver ions invisible to the eye, which further strengthen the antibacterial and antifungal properties of bamboo, improve the health of the skin and relieve inflammation.

It is very light and soft to the touch, retains heat but does not overheat.

Protects the delicate skin of the child from irritation.

It is ideal for every day of the year because provides excellent thermoregulation, does not cause allergies and perfectly absorbs moisture and any odors.

Thanks to its properties, the blanket is perfectly suitable for covering children from the first days of life.

The blanket is suitable for a stroller as well as a cot.

The blanket has a fashionable design and adds an extra charm to it with a silvery fashionable color.

The main properties of bamboo blankets:

– do not cause allergies,

– extremely soft and silky to the touch,

– thermo-regulatory

– keep warm in winter and cool in summer,

– high absorption of moisture and odours,

– eco-friendly.

Pulp woven blankets are made of 100% bamboo yarn, making them silky soft to the touch, do not cause allergies and perfectly absorb moisture and odors.

PULP products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Recommended hand wash at max 40°

Dimensions: 75cm x 90cm

Composition: 100% bamboo wiskoza with silver ions