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Bamboo Muslin Wrap – 110x110cm. – Mint leaves

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Bamboo wrap with antibacterial silver ions made of 60% muslin muslin viscose tetra and 40% cotton + small diaper 35×30 cm.

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Bamboo wrap is extremely pleasant for the baby’s skin, it is very soft, delicate, perfectly suitable from the first moments of the child’s life.

Perfectly retains heat on colder days and cools in summer, absorbs moisture.

Extremely gentle on the baby’s skin, as it minimizes the need to rub the baby.

It is enough to apply a wrap to the wet skin of the child, and the material itself will absorb water.

Invisible to the eye silver ions, further strengthen the antibacterial and antifungal properties of bamboo, improve skin health and relieve inflammation

Great for travel, to the beach,takes up very little space.

Applications of envelopers:

– for wrapping a toddler

– scroll pad

– breast-feeding spread

– perfectly fits as a blanket sheet

– overpread or handike after bathing


Sleeve dimensions : 110 cm x 110 cm +/- 2 cm
Diaper dimensions : 30cm x 35cm -/+ 2cm