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Stroller insert – Carefree – Balloons

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Versatile double-sided stroller insert for your little one.

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Universal insole for stroller.

Very comfortable, soft and elastic stroller insert.

Sewn with attention to every detail.

Fits any model of stroller.

1 side – balloons

2nd page – blue melange

Insert dimensions:

  • backrest length 45 cm
  • seat length with waterproof footrest 38 cm
  • width at lumbar 25 cm,
  • width at shoes 33 cm (and narrows to the bottom).

Insole for stroller. What makes the Beztroska stroller insole stand out?

  • it is completely double-sided and on both sides there are natural fabrics in an attractive pattern;
  • has a unique shape, adapting to any stroller, both classic and so-called. “bucket”;
  • has a waterproof footrest in place for booties, made of easily washable fabric;
  • vertical holes with a strapless turnips, make the insert fit into any stroller;
  • special hand-sewn triplets for fixing in the holes for the belts additionally keeping the insert in place, even after folding the stroller,
  • inside the insert there is a springy foam with a thickness of 1.3 cm. Properly absorbs shocks and padded seat, at the same time it is airy, does not cause burns;
  • has an aesthetic cotton trim, eliminating sharper stitching;
  • it can be washed in a washing machine,
  • it is made of the best quality cotton with oeko tex standard 100 approval in Class I or flax respectively.
  • machine washable on a gentle cycle,
  • spin at low speed
  • do not use bleach or softeners,
  • do not dry in the tumble dryer,
  • ironed at 20°C. 110 degrees.

Note: All products are sewn using OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified fabrics. They are natural fabrics and trimmings, so prolonged exposure to the sun can cause them to fade.